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"Dan and his TSP academy are a goldmine for finding ways to reinvent myself, create new habits and get rid of all the interference that block my inner potential. TSP academy courses and modules are an invaluable resource and for me, are becoming a great companion in these challenging times."

Angela M.

"Anyone who’s worked with Dan before would not be surprised by the generosity at play here. In giving examples of his own goals, strategies and fundamentals he helps us imagine how to apply these concepts to our own life goals. Watch the video, download the workbook and do the work!"

Andrea S.

"Dan's live coaching sessions are of a very high standard, insight-rich with actionable steps. They have helped take my overall performance to the next level. During the sessions, the community makes a massive difference, bringing their own experiences and insights. I recommend TSP to anyone looking to transform their performance."

Usha R.

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Six Breakthroughs

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6 Breakthroughs

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Wanting vs. Choosing. Dreams vs. Projects. The 4 pillars of achievement. The price to be paid for any goal. The power of optimal subtraction. The importance of process and systems. A more productive definition of "willpower". How to reframe any setback. Shifting out of "someday" into TODAY!